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Church of the Divine Savior of Freamunde



Church of the Divine Savior of Freamunde

Data | Local

2016 to 2021 | Freamunde

Promotor | Client

Fábrica Igreja Paroquial – Freguesia Salvador Freamunde


Completed Work


  • Hiring Support
  • Management, Supervision and Coordination of Construction Site Safety/ Stability Project Optimization


The construction of the new Church of the Divine Savior in Freamunde occurred within the parish complex, comprising the church, the Main Hall and Mortuary House, which organizing a series of distinct and disconnected urban realities in order to create a pole of services for the community, whose management and maintenance fall under the responsibility of the Factory of the Parish Church of Salvador de Freamunde. The church building adapts itself to the physical conditions of the terrain, namely the accentuated difference in elevations. The high spans of the church and the construction of a clerestory stand out. The Church of the Divine Savior was nominated for the ‘Archdaily Building of the Year 2021’ Awards, in the category of Religious Building.