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Heritage Rehabilitation

Mafra Palace - Chimes and Bell Towers



Rehabilitation of the Chimes and Bell Towers of Mafra Palace

Date | Venue

2016 to 2020 | Mafra

Promotor | Client

Direcção-Geral do Património Cultural / Augusto de Oliveira Ferreira, Lda.


Completed Work


  • Structural design for the rehabilitation of the chimes and bells


The rehabilitation work of the chimes and bell towers of the National Palace of Mafra was won by the company AOF, which contracted SOPSEC to carry out the projects for the tower structures, wooden structures supporting the bells and chimes, bell headers, and electrical installations. The objectives of the intervention aimed at the recovery, restoration, and rehabilitation of the two bell towers, including the support structure and the musicality of the chimes, the ringer’s room, the clocks, the electrical installations, rainwater drainage, metals, wood, and stone masonry. The bell towers possess 119 bells of different weights and dimensions, the largest weighing up to 12 tons. The monument is classified as a World Cultural Heritage Site by UNESCO.