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Market Bom Sucesso Rehabilitation



Market Bom Sucesso Rehabilitation

Date | Venue

2011 to 2013 | Porto

Promotor | Client

MERCADO URBANO – Gestão Imobiliária, S.A.


Completed Work


  • Engineering Projects


It is an emblematic building of Porto, it was built on 50’s, with an exemplary reinforced concrete structure, designed by Joaquim Sarmento. The rehabilitation of the Bom Sucesso Market was a challenge, due to the need to respect the pre-existence and the diversity of functions that were intended to be installed in it, namely the Music Hotel, the Manuel da Mota Foundation and several stores and fruit and vegetables market. In the engineering areas, the role of SOPSEC was important in the characterization of the pre-existence, in the solutions of treatment and rehabilitation of the concrete, in the acoustic component and in the equilibrium of the balance of cost / performance components. The work, developed in BIM, was the object of several distinctions that attest to the quality of the final result.