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Music Hotel – 4 stars – Mercado Bom Sucesso


Music Hotel – 4 stars – Mercado Bom Sucesso

Date | Venue

2011 to 2013 | Porto

Promotor | Client

Mercado Urbano – Gestão Imobiliária, S.A.


Concluded Work


  • Engineering designs


The Hotel da Música is born inside the iconic space of the city (Bom Sucesso Market), as a building inside another. Strongly conditioned by the organic form of the market, both in plan and height, the geometry and architectural solutions for the Music Hotel building are challenging, from various points of view, namely structural, of the installations and above all on the acoustic side. In fact, the Market space is a public space where noisy activities are developed that can not condition the use of the Hotel. The contribution of SOPSEC was decisive for the final result. Already with some years of use, the Market and Hotel are spaces whose performance in service is corresponding to the best expectations.