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Palácio das Galveias Library


Palácio das Galveias Library

Date | Venue

2015 to 2017 | Lisboa

Promotor | Cliente

Câmara Municipal de Lisboa


Concluded Work


  • Management and Quality Control;
  • Health and safety.


SOPSEC developed the management and quality control of the renovation and maintenance of the Palácio da Galveias Building, built in the 17th century, which houses the largest municipal library in Lisbon, with more than 220 seats and about 2,000 m² of living space, with study rooms with extended hours, a space for children, multipurpose rooms and work, with free access to the internet and a lounge space, in an investment of 2.5 million euros.

In the intervention accompanied by SOPSEC, conservation and restoration work was carried out on all the existing cultural patrimony, from which the tile collection of the first half of the sec. XVII existent in some rooms of the Palace of the Galveias, and the decorative paintings in ceilings also of sec. XVII discoveries during the restoration of these ceilings.

In addition to all Conservation and Restoration interventions, the beneficiary intervention of the Palace of Galveias was also aimed at providing the building with seismic reinforcements, which underwent significant structural interventions to adapt the building to the sec. XXI.

Para além de toda a intervenção de Conservação e Restauro, a intervenção de Beneficiação do Palácio das Galveias teve também como objetivo dotar o edifício de reforços sísmicos, tendo este sofrido intervenções de cariz estrutural significativas para adaptar o edifício ao sec. XXI.