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Rehabilitation of S. Francisco de Real Convent


Rehabilitation of S. Francisco de Real Convent

Date | Venue

2016 on going | Braga

Promotor | Client

Universidade do Minho


Design Phase


  • Foundations and Strutures;
  • Plumbing;
  • Acoustics;
  • Fire Safety;
  • Electrical and Mechanical Designs.


The rehabilitation of São Francisco de Real Convent, in Braga, was developed in an integrated perspective of heritage qualification and cultural valorization and will become a multipurpose equipment: a monument to visit and research center in the field of Archeology and Heritage. In addition to elaborating a preliminary intervention project aimed at stopping the process of exponential degradation of some parts of the convent, in the projects under its care and in articulation with the architecture team adopted both traditional solutions of masonry and wood, as well as reinforced concrete in the new body .