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Heritage Rehabilitation

Saint André of Rendufe Monastery



Saint André of Rendufe Monastery

Date | Venue

2002 to 2005 | Amares, Braga

Promotor | Client

IPPAR – Inst. Port. Patrimón. Arq. – Direcção Regional do Porto


Completed Work


  • Diagnosis of the State of Foundations and Structures
  • Diagnosis of Humidity Behavior
  • Engineering Projects
  • Cloister and South Wing Restoration


The Benedictine Church and Monastery of Saint André de Rendufe are a remarkable set of heritage assets. SOPSEC carried out an in-depth survey and diagnosis, particularly of the church, whose behavior it has monitored for several years; as well as the rehabilitation project of the church and part of the monastery, involving consolidation work and strengthening of foundations, structural consolidation, and resolution of pathologies associated with seepage, drainage and rising moisture. Although the project was concluded some years ago, only in 2021 were the rehabilitation works on the church also completed.