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On March 25, 1988, three young civil engineers and teachers of FEUP, José Amorim Faria, Hipólito de Sousa and Rui Calejo founded SOPSEC. At a time when in the country the construction needs were enormous, the business project sought to differentiate them by creating value based on competence, specialization and attitude towards Customers. The project germinated, consolidated and grown in size and services, maintaining until now the founders in the Direction.

In these 30 years several young engineers began their career in SOPSEC, they embraced the project and they are still connected, namely Diogo Leite and Vítor Santos, who also started to have managerial functions.

  1. Beginning of activity –  4 employess

  2. 1st change of office – 6 employees

  3. 2nd change of office – 21 employees

  4. Change to current office – 40 employess

  5. ISO 9001

  6. Internationalisation to Angola

  7. Lisbon Office

  8. Change to Incorporation Company – 70 employees

  9. BIM introduction

  10. SOPSEC Azores

  11. SOPSEC Algeria

  12. 30th Anniversary – 100 employees


SOPSEC, S.A. was founded on 25th March 1988 by José Amorim Faria, Hipólito de Sousa and Rui Calejo.

SOPSEC is a specialized consulting company, acting exclusively and independently in the construction industry, from the initial stages of setting up operations, establishing the program and analysing the viability to the operation, maintenance and dismantling phases. Provides complex services to national and international clients in the field of consulting, project design, management and supervision of works, in national and international context.

In order to carry out its activity, SOPSEC has experienced human resources with various profiles and skills, as well as modern material means, namely computer, software and laboratory, particularly in the acoustic domain. SOPSEC has in its ranks employees who express themselves technically in several languages, with the ability to coordinate complex projects and work in multicultural contexts. SOPSEC technicians are accustomed to working in wide-ranging teams, with technical, economic and challenging deadlines. SOPSEC has a set of partners with whom it is accustomed to work, either to broaden the range of services, or to increase responsiveness.

SOPSEC promotes training, innovation and scientific dissemination, through close relations with the academic environment, support Investigation and Development work, master’s thesis and PhD in business context, as well as publication of articles.

SOPSEC is particularly attentive to the evolutions of its time, participating in the contemporary questions. Therefore, in its services, it considers the specialization of aspects of an environmental, economic and life-cycle nature, in a permanent and concrete dialogue with the other stakeholders in the processes, particularly with its Clients, in order to contribute value and gains in quality of life.


Where we Work

SOPSEC, in addition to Portugal, is present in several parts of the world, providing services, where in a planned way, it considers strategic to be present, or whenever its Customers or partners challenge it to help create value.



José Amorim Faria

SAFETY INSPECTION AND COORDINATION > Doctor Civil Engineer, Structures Specialist


Hipólito Sousa

ENGINEERING PROJECTS > Doctor Civil Engineer, Structures Specialist


Rui Calejo

ACOUSTICS / ENVIRONMENT / SCI > Doctor Civil Engineer, Acoustic Specialist


Vitor Santos



Diogo Leite



Cristina Faria



Quality Management System

Since 2001, SOPSEC has implemented the Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 and has been certified since 22 October 2002. The current range of certification is: “Consulting, Coordination and Elaboration of Engineering Projects. Management, Supervision, Coordination of Security and Environmental Management in Enterprises. Assessment of Environmental Aspects in the Design Phase” in the 2015 version norm and applies to the offices of Porto and Lisbon.

General Quality Manager (LNEC)

Since October 2003, SOPSEC has been certified by the Quality Brand LNEC as General Quality Manager for the following types of works: “Buildings and Built Heritage; Communication Routes, Urbanization Works and Other Infrastructures; Hydraulic Works “.

Quality Policy


To provide high specialization services in the construction field, creating value for the company through long lasting partnerships in order to assure customer satisfaction.



  • To be among the leading companies in its field of activity, with increasing levels of internationalization;
  • To be, with a strong investment in R&D&I, a pioneer in new business areas, including the acoustic tests area, without pressures and with complete impartiality of the others areas of activity;
  • To continuously improve and increase the efficiency of the Quality Management System with focus on ethical, safety, health and environmental concerns;
  • To better prepare the company to tackle Economic Cycles.


  • To involve the whole staff in the company’s strategy and its observation;
  • To act on the staff’s motivation through the Quality Management Systems career progression and merit recognition mechanisms;
  • To promote staff training, in order to gain new competences and thus help achieving the company’s strategic goals.


Conscious of the importance and responsibility of Construction, SOPSEC adopts and works on the constant implementation of contemporary Sustainability concerns.

Working in several areas of Engineering and Construction, SOPSEC contacts with Environmental, Economic and Social areas, incorporating these issues in its daily work, internally promoting their practice and responding to the needs of the most demanding Clients. From this vision results a work that ensures in a balanced way:

• Savings, optimization and intelligent management of material, energy and economic resources;

• Preservation of the environment and built heritage;

• The versatility and adaptability of solutions over time;

• The response to the needs of each particular case.

SOPSEC teams, in addition to the technical components of Engineering, have a strong motivation for Sustainable Construction. The main vectors of services linked to Sustainability are:

• Water management in buildings;

• Waste Management;

• Energy efficiency and certification of buildings;

• Facade Engineering – thermal and acoustic performance of buildings;

• Facility management;

• Life Cycle Analysis and evaluation of use and maintenance costs;

• Environmental studies at the base program stage;

• Eco-efficiency of materials;

• Air quality;

• Environmental certification systems of the built environment.