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SOPSEC, in the types of work where it specializes, is a leader in the field of DESIGNS, MANAGEMENT AND SUPERVISION OF CONSTRUCTION AND CONSULTANCY AND REVIEW OF PROJECTS

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Commmercial Center in Constantine

SOPSEC has experience in the traditional areas of Buildings Engineering, namely foundations and geotechnical works, structures, hydraulics, fire safety, acoustic conditioning, thermal behaviour, special installations, but also in new fields such as facade engineering and environmental impact of buildings.

In the Works of Civil Engineering it has experience in roads, urbanization and requalification of public space, as well as in works of art and infrastructure networks.

Has extensive experience in the use of traditional materials / processes, concrete, steel, wood and masonry, as well as non-traditional and innovative materials. Environmental concerns, energy efficiency, water reuse, safety, use of BIM and life cycle analysis are already internalized practices.

SOPSEC’s experience is relevant in new construction, as well as in the rehabilitation of public space, infrastructures, buildings, monuments and urban spaces. In this type of work it has the capacity to do the survey, state diagnosis and strategic definition.

SOPSEC technical team is subject to a permanent process of continuous training and has a high capacity to develop projects, as well as to manage, coordinate or review them, in a national or international context.

Management and Supervision

Rehabilitation of Galveias Palace Library

The Management and Inspection of works includes fundamentally all the management activities associated with the execution phase of the work, assuring to the Clients the realization of the projects in the perfect respect for the execution projects. This compliance is guaranteed by managing the enterprise in the fundamental functional areas associated with Costs, Deadlines, Environmental Management, Work Safety Coordination (technicians with Professional Aptitude Certificate) and Quality Control.

By hiring SOPSEC for the Management and Supervision of its projects, the Promoter reduces the risk of investment in its various aspects, with emphasis on the estimated cost and compliance with the estimated deadlines, always ensuring the perfect quality of the work built.

In many situations SOPSEC assures the Coordination of Contractor and Procurement contracting processes, involving the definition of companies to consult, the receipt and analysis of proposals and the support to the negotiation and conclusion of contracts of contract or supply of goods or services.

Consulting | Project review

Photovoltaic Park San Pedro III, Chile, with INEGI

Due to the high expertise of its technical staff and the on-going training to which it is subject, SOPSEC has particular expertise in the field of Consulting, Revision and Project Management. In its areas of expertise, SOPSEC has the capacity to provide consultancy services, with emphasis on the evaluation of the state of buildings and civil engineering works, the diagnosis of anomalies in monuments and rehabilitation projects and infrastructures.

In the field of building physics, the ability to measure, simulate and study in an advanced way the acoustic and thermal behaviour of building elements and building facade components.

SOPSEC has the capacity to study complex situations through advanced numerical modelling, involving various types of phenomena and actions, such as mechanical, thermal or linked to fluid flows. SOPSEC was a pioneer in Portugal in the modelling of fire behaviour in dams.

In the area of hydraulics and environment, the aspects related to the reuse of water are highlighted. SOPSEC also has experience and vocation for the constitution of independent teams and coordinates of project review that can be carried out with different levels of depth. The skills required in the different production areas also able SOPSEC to carry out the global and integrated management of projects.



SOPSEC is structured in three AREAS OF ACTIVITY that are relate to the services provided, allowing in this way to integrate multidisciplinary valences of the different areas of advanced specialization held by many of its collaborators

Coordination and Project Management x x x
Foundations and Structures Project x
Geotechnical Works Project x
Routes of Communication and Urbanization Project x
Water Supply and Treatment Project x
Drainage and Treatment of residual waters Project x
Electrical and Communications Networks Project x
HAVAC Project x
Gas Supply Project x
Fire Safety Project x
Integrated Security Project x x
Acoustic Building Conditioning Project x
EDC-RGR – Study Demonstrating Compliance with the General Building Regulations x
Acoustical Evaluation of Buildings   x  
Thermal and Energy Assessment and Certification x
Urban and Industrial Solid Waste Removal Project x
Outdoor Living projects x
Project Safety Coordination x x x
Work Safety Coordination x
Environmental Management of Works x x
PPGRCD – Prevention Plan and Management of Construction and Demolition Waste x
Laboratory Tests in the field of Building Acoustics x
Laboratory Tests in the field of Ambient Acoustics x
Management and Supervision of Works x
Coordination of Procurement Processes for Contractors and Suppliers


EIA – Environmental Impact Studies – Buildings x
Diagnosis of Condition of Buildings x x x
Project Review x x x
Facility management x x
Due Diligence – Technical Report/ Property Condition Assessment x x x